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Information for foreign candidates

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Institute of Mathematics offers four year Ph.D. studies in Mathematics beginning October 1 every year. The Master Degree in Mathematics approved in Poland is required for admission.

The entrance examination takes place in the end of May. The applicant must submit a certified list (with marks) of all mathematical courses taken during his (her) undergraduate studies and also a letter of recommendation. The letter may be written by the advisor of his (her) Master thesis or by the person who will be the advisor of his (her) Ph.D. thesis. A short description of mathematical interests of the candidate written by him (her) as well as his (her) address (with e-mail) should be attached. Before submitting any application materials, please contact the Director of the Graduate Program.

Jacek Dziubański
Institute of Mathematics, Wrocław University, pl. Grunwaldzki 2/4, 50-384, Wrocław, Poland
phone: (48) 71 3757 449,
room: 906
e-mail: jacek.dziubanski (at)

From the very beginning of the graduate studies, every student must have an advisor who plans his (her) program . During the first year, our students attend 6 hours of advanced courses or seminars per week; this drops to 4 hours per week in subsequent years. Lectures for foreign students are given in English if necessary, but all students have to study Polish. Those who get a Polish scholarship are expected to teach 4 hours per week or to grade written assignments. Initially, teaching in English may be possible. Foreign students who speak Polish are particularly welcome.

In exceptional cases, Ph.D. studies can be extended to five years. The Ph.D. defense must occur within one year from the end of the studies. Before the defense, 3 examinations have to be passed: the main one - in the field of specialization, an additional one - in a field chosen arbitrarily by the graduate student and the third one - in a foreign language.

Students are given an office (usually shared) in the Mathematical Institute and an e-mail address. They may use an excellent math library and a modern computer network.

In general, foreign Ph.D. students are not supported by the University of Wroclaw. This means that they need to get a stipend from his (her) country or from the Polish government. However, a limited number of assistantships may temporarily be granted to Ph.D. students by the president of the University until the student receives a Polish government scholarship (possibly in the second year). Students of Polish origin, in particular, have a good chance to get such a stipend.