Seminarium wydziałowe

W imieniu Dziekana Wydziału serdecznie zapraszamy pracowników oraz studentów na seminarium wydziałowe, które odbędzie się we wtorek 3 października o godz. 12:30 w Instytucie Informatyki w sali 119.

Prelegentem będzie Prof. Anand Pillay (University of Notre Dame, USA), który wygłosi wykład pt.

Structural identifiability, differential algebra, and model theory.

Przed wykładem o 12:00 Dziekan zaprasza na ciasto i kawę.

This is a kind of application of model theory (in mathematical logic) to problems around theoretical mathematical biology and related areas. Via "compartmental models", there exist standard ODE systems which model many real processes. These systems involve some real or complex parameters which one would like to determine from the observed input and output data. I will discuss various obstructions as well as positive solutions to this program. And also, if time permits, I will discuss the issue of reparametrization, where a system is replaced by an equivalent one in which the parameters are suitably identified. I will focus on the qualitative rather than algorithmic aspects of the results.