Seminarium wydziałowe

W imieniu Dziekana Wydziału serdecznie zapraszamy pracowników oraz studentów na seminarium wydziałowe, które odbędzie się w piątek 1 kwietnia o godz. 12:15 w Instytucie Informatyki w sali 119.

Prelegentem będzie Prof. Wolfgang Nagel (Director of the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH), Technische Universität Dresden), który wygłosi wykład pt.

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and High Performance Computing

Po seminarium Dziekan zaprasza na kawę i ciastka.

Methods and techniques of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been investigated for decades in pursuit of a vision where computers can mimic human intelligence. In recent years, these methods have become more mature and, in some specialized applications, evolved to super-human abilities, e.g. in image recognition or in games such as Chess and Go. Nonetheless, formidable questions remain in the area of fundamental algorithms, training data usage, or explainability of results, to name just a few. The AI – and especially the ML – developments have been boosted by powerful HPC-Systems, mainly driven by the GPU architectures built in in many if not most HPC systems these days.  The talk will explain the challenges of integrating AI and HPC into ‘monolithic’ systems. And it will provide a broad overview of what impact the availability of such systems will have on the science system.