Complete list of research publications plik .ps plik .pdf 


19. Invariant measures under random integral mappings and marginal distributions of fractional Levy processes. plik .pdf 
18. Remarks on restricted Nevalinna transform. plik .pdf 
17. The Random Integral Representaion Conjecture: a quarter of a century later. plik .pdf 
16. A note on the composition of two random integral mappings J^{b} and some examples. plik .pdf 
15. Random integral representation of class L^f distributions and some related properties plik .pdf 
14. Cauchy transforms of measures viewed as some functionals of Fourier transforms. plik .pdf plik .ps 
13. A calculus on L\'evy exponents and new properties of selfdecomposable probability measures. plik .pdf plik .ps 
12. Random integral reperesentations for free-infinitely divisible and tempered stable distributions. plik .pdf plik .ps 
11. Shot noise distributions and selfdecomposability. plik .ps plik .pdf 
10. On fixed points of Poisson shot noise transforms. plik .pdf plik .pdf 
9. A new factorization property of selfdecomposable distributions. plik .pdf 
8. The random integral representation hypothesis revisited: new classes of s-selfdecomposable laws. plik .ps plik .pdf 
7. Selfdecomposable laws associated with hyperbolic functions. plik .ps plik .pdf 
6. Selfdecomposability, perpetuities and stopping times. plik .ps plik .pdf 
5. Shot noise distributions and selfdecomposability. plik .pdf plik .ps 
4. A note on gamma random variables and Dirichlet series. plik .pdf plik .ps 
3. 1 D Ising, geometric sums and selfdecomposability. plik .ps plik .pdf 
2. Remarks on the selfdecomposabiliy and new examples. plik .ps plik .pdf 
1. Generalized Levy's random area integral and selfdecomposability. plik .ps plik .pdf