Recent works:

  • Hormander type multiplier theorem on complex Iwasawa AN groups TeX pdf
  • Coercive Inequalities on Metric Measure Spaces (with B. Zegarlinski) pdf
  • Multipliers and singular integrals on exponential growth groups (with T. Steger), TeX dvi ps
  • Transference for amenable actions (with G. Kuhn), TeX dvi ps
  • Sublaplacians of holomorphic L^p-type on exponential solvable Lie groups (with J. Ludwig and D. Mueller) pdf

Work in progress:

  • Calderon-Zygnund decompositions on amenable groups TeXdvi ps
  • Estimates for Rockland operators TeXdvi
  • With W. Mlotkowski -- Type dependent representations of free products dvips

Some other works:

  • On the relation between elliptic and parabolic Harnack inequalities (with L. Saloff-Coste) dvi ps
  • Analysis of Laplacians on solvable Lie groups (notes from Edinburgh Conference) TeX,dvi
  • Spectral multipliers on metabelian groups TeX dvi.
  • Boundedness of $L^1$ spectral multipliers for an exponential solvable Lie group TeXdvi
  • Spectral multipliers on exponential growth solvable Lie groups TeXdvi.
  • On Rockland operators TeX, dvi.

Electronic only:

  • On random walks on discrete solvable groups TeXdvi.
  • Functional calculus for slowly decaying kernels TeXdvi.
  • A remark on infinite discrete isometry groups TeXpdf.

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